More Ways To Play

Monster War — Basic

Quick and easy to play for 2 players.  Ideal for younger children.

Only uses the cards with the blue backs labelled MONSTER.

Startup-Up and Winning

  • Shuffle the MONSTER cards and deal 5 cards facedown to each player.
  • Monsters battle each other.
  • The player who captures the most MONSTERS wins.


Players can look at their own cards and decide which to play.

First player plays one MONSTER card faceup.

Next player plays one MONSTER card faceup.

The MONSTER card with the highest number wins. The player who wins the BATTLE captures both MONSTER cards and sets them aside. These cards can no longer be played.

If there is a tie, play next BATTLE -- winner takes all.

Winner of the BATTLE plays first for the next BATTLE.

After all cards are played, deal another 5 cards to each player.

The game ends when all cards are played. The player who captures the most MONSTERS wins.

OPTIONS: Try playing with the MONSTER cards faceup. For even simpler gameplay, instead of dealing 5 cards at a time, split the deck in half and keep the cards facedown -- players each pull cards from the top of their decks.

Monster War — Advanced

Use the same gameplay as Monster War - Basic, except the winner of a BATTLE is determined as follows:

The MONSTER card with the highest number wins EXCEPT ...

  • Dragons always defeat Merfolk
  • Merfolk always defeat Orcs
  • Orcs always defeat Werewolves
  • Werewolves always defeat Vampires
  • Vampires always defeat Zombies
  • Zombies always defeat Dragons


Monsters Eat People

Simple and fun for kids who enjoy the people cards … and having them be eaten by monsters, of course.

Select all the MONSTER cards that have a number 1, 2, or 3. Shuffle them and place them facedown fanned out, so that it is easy to choose any card.

Place all the CUSTOMER cards faceup so that they are all visible and within reach.

First player draws one MONSTER card.

The number on the MONSTER card identifies the number of people that will be eaten. Player selects people to be eaten while saying their names out loud. The eaten CUSTOMER cards and the MONSTER card are held by the player until the end of the game.

Next player draws a MONSTER card and eats people.

Play repeats until all MONSTER cards are drawn.

Winner is the player with the most CUSTOMER cards.

OPTION:  Winner is the player with the highest value CUSTOMER cards. Value is the sum of the numbers shown on the faces of the CUSTOMER cards.

Find the Match

Quick and easy to play with a child.

Only uses the cards with the orange backs labelled CUSTOMER.

Lay out any number of the cards faceup.

Ask the child to find all cards that match a particular characteristic. For example, find all the people that are:

  • Wearing glasses
  • Wearing a hat
  • Have red hair
  • Have colorful hair
  • Wearing a dress
  • Wearing black clothing
  • With a beard or moustache
  • Have a name that starts with the letter “L”

OPTIONS:  Ask the child to count the matching cards and to read the names and descriptions that appear on each card.  Use same gameplay using the MONSTER cards.